Funeral Service Planning



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Funerals are central to the rhythm of church life. They are a rare opportunity to worship and display profound hope. But they are also times of deep grief, and few people are fully prepared to handle the details of a funeral amid the emotions of that sensitive time. These forms and documents will help your church plan funerals with, for, and alongside of the church family. Here you will also find guidelines for the funeral of a non-Christian. Use these policies to cover all the details, to mourn with those who mourn, and--most importantly--to honor God in the funeral service.

Table of Contents:

Funeral Information and Records

Instructions: Funeral Service

Questions to Ask When Planning a Funeral

Twelve Steps in Planning a Funeral

Funeral Planning Website

Non-Members and the Unbaptized

Obituary Information

Music Information

Writing a Eulogy

Burial Information

Columbarium Information

Armed Services Record

Importance of a Will

Veterans Burial Benefits

Funeral Planning Information
The church is called to deal with death in a way that honors the departed--and God.
John Throop

$ 14.99

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