Hospitality in the Church



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Hospitality takes many shapes and forms in our churches. It could be a warm conversation in your church's foyer, a women's teatime, or a dish of lasagna on someone's doorstep.

This 21-page resource gives practical advice for several of hospitality's many dimensions. Learn about how to follow up with visitors, the differences between women's and men's fellowship times, organizing a benevolence meal ministry, hosting missionaries, making small-group members comfortable, and more.

Table of Contents:

Rediscovering Church Hospitality (view a free sample)
We are called to welcome.
by Stephen Winzenburg

The Hospitality Cycle
Structure your welcoming process to bring newcomers into the body.
by Rick Moore with Becky Castle Miller

Hospitality to Mars and Venus
Be sensitive to what men and women both value.
by Joe and Sharon Tatulli with Becky Castle Miller

Preparing Church Meals
Practical instructions for feeding lots of people.
by Eleanor Miller with Becky Castle Miller

Coordinating a Meal-Team Ministry
Let the cooks in your congregation bless families in need.
by Donna Arsenault with Becky Castle Miller

Reaching Out Through Your Open Door
Ministry in your home should come from a generous heart, not a magazine spread.
by Greg Asimakoupoulos

Hospitality to Missionaries
Host visiting missionaries with care and love.
by Margaret Gadoury with Becky Castle Miller

Hosting a Small Group
Relationships are formed over dessert.
by Becky Castle Miller

$ 14.99

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