Leading Financial Stewardship Assessment Pack



$ 9.99
This tool provides 8 assessment tools to help you evaluate how well your church is doing in leading financial stewardship. Find out if your church is creating a healthy atmosphere and providing effective teaching, and discover how to start a stewardship campaign in your congregation.

Table of Contents:

Is Your Church Fiscally Fit
Four factors to help you determine the vitality of your church finances.
James D. Berkley

Church Finances Reflect Community Values
Local views of business will influence your congregation's view of finances.
Gary Fenton

Faith Raising, Not Fund Raising
Does your church have a stewardship ministry that is consistent and comprehensive?
Forrest Reinhardt

Growing Generous Givers
How to lead a congregation to open-handed contribution.
Jay Pankratz

Leadership-Centered Stewardship
Does your leadership teach and preach regularly and faithfully about money?
Robert Russell

Preaching on the Money
Are you asking people for a spiritual-financial comitment?
Haddon Robinson

Launching a Stewardship Campaign
Make sure you can answer these eight questions before you start.
Dale K. Ingersoll

Thinking Biblically About Money
Five things leaders need to understand about money.
Dick Towner

$ 9.99

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