Leading Interns



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Internships are a great way for young people to get their first experiences in full-time ministry while learning from experienced mentors. They are also a great way for busy church leaders to get some support and groom future leaders. But what does a successful internship actually look like?

This 19-page resource will help all involved make the most of an internship experience by looking at the various challenges faced by both interns and supervisors and offering ways to focus on raising up successful interns into successful leaders.

Table of Contents:

The Gravitas of Ministry
Internships develop the weighty souls required for spiritual leadership.
M. Craig Barnes

Supervising Successful Internships
Practical tips for shaping meaningful and positive experiences.
Julie Faltinson

Dealing with the Big Questions (free sample)
Allow interns opportunities to engage practical ministry with theological reflection.
an interview with Dave Rohrer

Growing Your Own Staff
Use internships to help develop leaders from within.
Robert C. Bradford

The Next Next Generation
As Millennials enter into leadership, they bring their own set of strengths--and challenges.
Jim Schmotzer

Bringing Millennials into Leadership
How to shape ministry models that fit them.
Jim Schmotzer

$ 14.99

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