Loving Hard-to-Love People



$ 7.99
This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership gives you wisdom for loving difficult people in your congregation, small group, ministry team, or workplace.

Table of Contents:

Coping with People Who Beef, Bite, and Bellyache
How to handle difficult relationships in your small group.
Dr. Les Parrott

Identifying Critical People
Spotting people with critical attitudes can lessen the damage they cause.
Marshall Shelley

When a Group Member is Emotionally Troubled
Professional advice for ministering to wounded people in a group setting.
Pat J. Sikora

When Someone Promotes a False Theology
Preventio strategies and tips for addressing heresy in your small group.
Reid Smith

Is She Driving You Crazy?
Six ways to survive a high-maintenance friendships.
Rhonda Rhea

Setting Ministry Boundaries
Truly loving others requires us to know our limitations and rely on God.
JoHannah Reardon

$ 7.99

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