Men and Women Working Together



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Working with people of the opposite sex requires skills, maturity, and a sense of humor. These articles will help orient you to the attitudes and actions that form the foundation of healthy mixed-gender teams.

Table of Contents:

The Mixed Gender Team
How men and women can work in sync.
Sarah Sumner

Working Well with Men
What every women needs to know about working with men.
Carla Barnhill

Eavesdropping: An Open Door Policy
Is meeting alone with a member of the opposite sex dangerous? Is taking steps against it sexist?
Sarah E. Hinlicky and Lauren F. Winner

To Close for Comfort!
My office romance fizzled--but we still have to work together.
Diane Mandt Langberg

Re-create Your Church Culture
Better relationships depend on improved atmosphere.
Sarah Sumner

$ 7.99

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