Women Leaders in the Bible



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Other than a glimpse of exceptional women such as Deborah, Hannah, and Mary, it can be difficult to find examples of strong female leadership in the Bible. But there are many women in the Bible who did extraordinary things for the time and place they lived, and the more we study them the more we can learn from their examples.

This 36-page resource will help you be encouraged by some of the women in the Bible as you see how many of them are stellar examples of leadership and courage. We also hope that you will be able to motivate the women that you are leading to emulate these remarkable women.

NOTE: You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource to be distributed in a church or educational setting.

Table of Contents:

Identifying with the Women in the Bible
JoHannah Reardon

Leader's Guide
How to use this download for a group study.

God's Purpose for Women
Carolyn Custis James discusses what the women of the Bible teach us about leadership.
Interview by Amy Simpson and Ginger Kolbaba

Not That Kind of Nice Girl
The women of the Bible show us the power of bold kindness.
Liz Riggs

Learning from Mothers of the Bible
Ancient women speak to us about leading in this most important role.
Tammy Darling

Mary Magdalene
Mary led by following Jesus closely.
Liz Curtis Higgs

The Woman at the Well
She led by sharing a contagious thirst for truth.
Liz Curtis Higgs

The Forgiven Woman
Leading because of an outpouring of grace.
Liz Curtis Higgs

Additional Resources
Articles, books, and Bible studies to help you further.

$ 7.99

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