Manage the Church Budget



$ 14.99
Help your church plan and implement a healthy budget. These brief, practical handouts teach how to become a good steward. You'll learn how to divide up resources, to protect against mismanagement, to raise money, and to balance a budget in the red. Give these handouts to leaders as a training tool or use in your next meeting.

Table of Contents:

Four Ways to Calculate Your Budget
Methods to ease fiscal planning.
Bob Welch

Deciding Where the Funds Go
The dangers of robbing Peter to pay Paul.
Gary Fenton

Church Financial Software
Today?s church financial software makes money management a virtual breeze.
Thomas Greer

Safeguard the Church Treasury
Important protections against money mismanagement.
Dan Busby

Six Ways to Balance the Budget
What to do when you're in the red.
Stephen B. Box

Getting the Funds
Ideas for helping your church raise money.
Marlene Heller

The Scoop on Borrowing
Lenders answer your church loan questions.
Jennifer Schuchmann

Lease or Buy?
The bottom line on whether to lease or buy office equipment.
Joshua Dolezal

Ten Tips for Big-Ticket Transactions
Take the pain out of purchase with these pointers.
Jennifer Schuchmann

$ 14.99

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