Ministry to Refugees and Immigrants



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People are coming to the U.S., and other Western nations, in droves--some by desire, some by necessity. This influx of new neighbors gives the church a great chance to reflect the love of Christ.

Use this set of articles to gain insight into the cross-cultural ministry opportunities that are there, and how you should approach them.

Table of Contents:

Loving Our Neighbors as Ourselves
A church networker talks about ministry to immigrants and refugees.
an interview with Damon Schroeder

The Town that Loves Refugees
Christians in Utica, New York, are resettling the world one displaced soul at a time.
by Denise McGill

Lessons Learned in Refugee Ministry
Insights from one church's experience.
by Tri Robinson

Blessing the Mess
A theology of immigration.
by Alvin Sanders

When the Stranger Knocks
The influx of immigrants to the U.S. means a new mission field for churches.
an interview with Jenny Hwang

When Your Neighborhood Changes You
How three Twin Cities churches have adjusted to reach their rapidly changing community.
by Brett Lawrence

$ 7.99

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