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This theme, 'Pastoral Search,' helps guide you through one of the most difficult and important tasks in a church's life: searching out and hiring a new pastor. It is designed to give congregations--and search committees in particular?the tools to tackle the process with clarity, confidence, and purpose.

Table of Contents:

Making the Team
What must your church do before setting out to find a new pastor?
by Gary Blanchard

Clark Kent or Superman?
What essential qualities should you look for in a pastor?
by Henry A. Virkler

Search and Employ
Follow these simple steps to get the search process moving.
by Matthew D. Kim

Evaluating Prospects
What criteria should we use to assess candidates?
by Matthew D. Kim

The Inner-view
Preparing for and executing a good interview.
by Gerald M. Williamson

Decision Time
How to finalize your decision.
by Gerald M. Williamson

A View from the Other Side: Seven Tips from a Seasoned Candidate
The following advice from 'the other side' of the process will give you crucial insight into the minds of candidates.
by Richard Goetz

12 Common Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)
The following article will help you learn from the mistakes of others.
by Henry A. Virkler

The Big Picture
How can transition teams ensure they're moving through the hiring process in a timely manner? Use the chart below to monitor progress and stay on track.
by Gary Blanchard

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