Pastoral Visitation



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It is not our words or insights that [suffering people] want most; it is our mere presence, says Philip Yancey in the resource below.

It can be surprising what people are looking for when we visit them as pastors or church members. This 25-page resource offers a plethora of helpful do's and don'ts for those tender situations. Whether you're visiting someone who's sick, someone who's going through a rough patch in life, or someone you just want to check in on, these articles can guide you.

Table of Contents:

Why We Do Visitation (free sample)
Three reasons it is a vital part of ministry.
Doug Self

How Home Visits Pay Off
Home visits benefit church members?and the pastor.
Grant McDowell

Visitation Builds Better Ministry
Other facets of ministry will be enriched.
Doug Self

I Love Hospital Visitation--Sort Of
It's sad, routine, and sometimes very sweet.
Joe McKeever

Successful Visitation
Taking a closer look at an overlooked aspect of pastoral ministry.
Ryan Hobbs

Pastor Good Sam
Can a purposeful church leader stop long enough to personally help individuals along the road?
Wayne Jacobsen

Helping Those in Pain
Being present--and praying--when others experience pain.
Philip Yancey

Effective Hospital Visits
Maximize your visits to the hospital with these nine principles.
Chris Blumhofer

Bedside Manner
How to act when you don't know how to act.
Matt Lumpkin

Reaching out to Missing Attenders
Follow these strategies when you visit people who are falling off the map.
Doug Self

$ 14.99

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