Reaching Millennials Who Leave the Faith



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Imagine a group photo of all the students who come to your church (or live within your community of believers) in a typical year. Take a big fat marker and cross out three out of every four faces. That's the probable toll of spiritual disengagement as students navigate through their faith during the next two decades, warns David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group. Why are they leaving? How can the church better communicate the gospel in a way that makes sense to this generation of "leavers"?

This 15-page resource is designed to help you reach out to a generation that is leaving the church in unprecedented numbers--and to reverse the trend before it gets worse.

Table of Contents:

The Ones Who Walk Away (free sample)
Young people are fleeing the faith and many may not return.
Drew Dyck

Postmodern Spirituality
Lessons learned in evangelism and Christianity while serving a cynical generation.
Brett Lawrence

Getting the Drift (free sample)
Young people don't need hip leaders; they want older Christians committed to being present in their lives.
Josh Riebock

Six Kinds of Leavers
Use these categories to better understand why young people leave the faith, and how to reach them.
Drew Dyck

Bridging the Generational Gap
The fast-changing culture and skepticism of young adults requires a different approach to evangelism.
interview with T.V. Thomas

Churches that Connect with Millennials
These nine traits characterize churches that reach disaffected young adults.
Ed Stetzer

Calling Them Home
Seeing prodigals return means participating in what God's already doing in their lives.
Drew Dyck

$ 14.99

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