Reaching Our Community



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This theme is about understanding and loving people who do not know Jesus. It looks at the reality of today's unchurched population ("Who Are the Unchurched?"), the strategy of evangelistic ministry ("Why People Come to Church"), and examines spiritual motivations for sharing the gospel ("Lost People Matter"). Included are insightful articles from Tim Keller and Leith Anderson on understanding today's culture and how a church rates in its ability to connect with the culture in which it functions.

Table of Contents:

Ready Answer
What to say when opportunity knocks.
Randy Working

Meet Your Church's Match
Identifying neighbors to love.
Wayne Schmidt

7 Ways to Rate Your Church
Values that measure your spiritual environment.
Leith Anderson

Religion-less Spirituality
Reaching people who think church is the problem, not the answer.
Tim Keller

Strategy That Works
Making adjustments to meet real needs.
Steven D. Mathewson

Generation Hand-Off
Ensuring the value of outreach gets passed on.
Roger Barrier

Creative Programming
Balancing outreach with relationship.
Harry Heintz

Why People Come to Church
A new generation of church planters is finding surprising answers.
Interview with James Emery White

Your Church in a Changing Culture
Outreach starts with knowing your culture.
Gordon MacDonald

Reaching Through Teaching
Connect with a post-Christian audience.
Adam Hamilton

Who Are the Unchurched?
How key trends impact your approach to outreach.
David Kinnaman

Lost People Matter
Their value determines your intensity.
Steven D. Mathewson

The Impartiality of God's Love
Nothing can keep salvation at bay.
Randy Working

$ 14.99

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