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Every church could use more volunteers who know their gifts and love to serve God. In the devotional '"Recruiting without Twisting Arms," you can discuss with your leaders the kinds of motivation for God's work that truly last. Your leaders will learn recruiting skills that will fill the positions most needed in your church.

Table of Contents:

Spotting a New Leader
10 ways to identify a promising person.
Fred Smith

Before You Remove a Leader
Weighing the reasons for dismissal.
Paul Borthwick

When No One Volunteers
4 questions to ask.
Mark H. Senter III

Re-evaluating Staff Roles
What determines the pastor's priorities?
Dave Wilkinson

Can You Discipline a Volunteer
Holding a problem worker accountable.
Mathew Woodley

Turning Pewsitters into Players
How to transform members from passive to active.
with Marlene Wilson

Identifying Leadership Potential
4 criteria to evaluate candidates.
Everett L. Wilson

Progress You Can Measure
5 ways to gauge a person's development.
Fred Smith, Sr.

Volunteers that Last
How to keep them motivated.
Mark Senter III

9 Ways to Motivate Volunteers
It's the little things that matter.
Greg Asimakoupoulos

$ 14.99

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