Relational Outreach



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Evangelism is something every Christian is called to do, and one of the key functions of the church is to prepare people to share their faith. Outreach can take a variety of forms, but for most the primary opportunities to share their faith come through relationships built over a long period of time.

This 19-page resource includes articles that will help you prepare people to have relationships that matter. From intentionally seeking out non-Christian neighbors to asking good questions to demonstrating God's love through service, relational outreach helps people see, know, and feel the love of Christ through his children.

Table of Contents:

Acting Like Jesus
Spending quality time with nonbelievers creates unique opportunities.
Syler Thomas

How Outsiders Find Faith
Personal relationships are often the difference-maker.
Mike Fleischmann

Beyond Answer Man
What happens when eternal questions fill the room?
Tony Kriz

Reforming Evangelism (free sample)
4 ways to make sharing your faith more natural.
David Dwight and Nicole Unice

Know Your Neighbors?
How one community learned to know and love their neighbors.
Matt Branaugh

$ 14.99

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