Searching for a New Pastor



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Your pastor is leaving, and now you're involved in the challenging task of finding the next pastor--the right person who can help your church move forward.

This guide features six articles from Leadership journal and that give you ideas for where to start and what to expect. You'll find tools that assist potential candidates in evaluating your church and forms you can use for the interview process. Along the way, you'll also read about others' experiences in their important role of being on a nominating committee.

Table of Contents:

Five Tools to Ensure a Good Fit
Practical aids for selecting the new pastor.
Warren Bird

Confessions of a Pulpit Committee
An inside look at the church's most clandestine operation--the pastoral search.
Em Griffin

The Search Committee Dating Game
7 courting disasters.
John Beukema

35 Questions to Ask Before You Hire
Help to discover what you need to know.

Questions to Ask a Candidate's References
More help to discover what you need to know.

Help for Hiring
8 great resources to help you find the right person.

$ 7.99

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