Starting a New Ministry



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If you're new to a ministry, or if you're involved in a start-up ministry, these articles will help you gain traction as you start the hard work of leading a ministry. About half of the articles focus on what to do if you're new--resources for picking up an unfamiliar role. The remaining articles will give you a foundation for what to do if the ministry is new.

Table of Contents:

Getting to Know You
New leaders have a variety of ways to get acquainted with those they will lead.
Robert Kemper

Power from the Start
These effective measures can help you thrive in your new ministry leadership role.
Ed Dobson

The First Year
Building trust and being the right kind of change agent help a new leader succeed.
Robert Kemper

When the Honeymoon Is Over
Getting to know each other is one thing; learning to live together is another.
Doug Scott

Learning the Real History
Ask the right questions in the right way to get a picture of your ministry's past.
Doug Scott

Laying a Firm Foundation
Starting a new ministry demands careful thinking about leadership, purpose, and strategy.
Don Cousins

Add Value to Your Volunteers
Thinking of your helpers as enlistees instead of draftees makes them want to serve.
Ken Horton and Al Sibello

Fess Up and Fix Up
When your original idea falls short, admit it and move on to the next option.
M. Craig Barnes

$ 14.99

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