Strategic Planning



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This specific theme is designed to help you understand the importance and benefits of strategic planning.

Table of Contents:

Forward Responsibility
God's work requires the discipline of planning.
Peter Barnes

Strategic Planning Made Simple
Lessons learned from one pastor's experiences with strategic planning.
Michael R. Baer

Leading Through Change
What to know before you start.
Steve Goodwin

Should a Congregational Survey be Part of the Process?
Church surveys can help--but only under certain conditions.
James F. Engel

A Winning Plan
Strategic planning is especially important when congregations are on the cusp of something big.
Ben Heimsath

Giving Communication the Attention it Deserves
Why churches need to build "communication" into their strategic plan.
Lynne M. Baab

Appreciative Inquiry
What church leaders can learn from this method of diagnosing an organizational culture.
Sharon Swing

What to Preach Next
How to implement a "strategic plan" into your preaching schedule.
Ed Young

$ 14.99

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