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Equip yourself as a cultural researcher. This theme takes an honest look at the society most churches interact with today.

Table of Contents:

Spying on Our Culture
Learning to see what is invisible.
Linda M. Gehrs

4 Trends Affecting Churches
Finding direction in times of change.
Lyle E. Schaller

Our "Western" Religion in an Eastern World
We authenticate our faith through community.
Chris Seay

Ministering to the Postmodern Generation
A new twist on the old way of doing church.
Eric Reed

How to Discern Our Times
Reading our culture with an eye toward its reformation.
Joe Stowell

How People Think Today
Insights into the new world views.
interview with Michael Sack

Understanding the Times
Knowing what is changing and what cannot.
Leith Anderson

Entering the World Outside the Church
2 ways you can relate to others.
Walt Kallestad

Hay Where the Goats Can Get It
4 ways churches can respond to a changing community.
John C. Ortberg, Jr.

Jesus in a World of Crystals
When ordinary words fail to convince.
Elmer Towns and Warren Bird

Ministry to the Disinclined
Nothing's new about resistance and indifference to the Gospel of Christ.
William Willimon

Bringing Truth to Bear on Our World
3 steps to making Scripture relevant.
David W. Henderson

$ 14.99
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