Vision & Strategy Assessment Pack



$ 9.99
This pack features 8 quality assessment tools from the Decision Making, Managing Change, Strategic Planning, and Vision Training Themes. Use these tools with your team to help direct them through the tough process of change, including handling growth, adding a new ministry, or enacting a new vision and direction. Each assessment conveniently fits on one page, so they're easy to print, copy, and hand out.

Table of Contents:

Are We Ready to Decide? (see free sample)
Find out with this influence indicator.
Alan Nelson & Gene Appel

Are We Ready for Change?
Understanding our strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
Aubrey Malphurs

The Angst of Change
Reasons why congregations resist numerical growth.
Lyle E. Schaller

Do We Need to Change?
A 6-point church check-up.
Aubrey Malphurs

Price of Progress
3 questions to answer before starting a new ministry.
D. Stuart Briscoe

Pool of Support
3 questions to answer before starting a new ministry.
W. Charles Arn

What Makes a Vision Effective
Why some work better than others.
Wayne Pohl

Restructuring to Grow
4 signs a redesign may be necessary.
Gordon MacDonald
$ 9.99

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