When the Budget Is Tight



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Attendance falls. Giving is down. An unexpected expense comes from nowhere. If your church has experienced financial hard times, you know the many issues to deal with: determining what expenses to say no to, how to raise funds, and how to pay the existing bills.

In these nine articles from Leadership journal, you'll get tools for understanding how to take control of the finances so you're not enveloped by them. You'll get details for developing good financial tools, advice for avoiding unhealthy conflict, and help for handling a budget crunch.

Table of Contents:

How Your Church Feels About Money
In order to know what to expect from your church?s finances you must understand its culture, mindset, and financial setting.
Gary Fenton

A Budget Primer
The misuse of money causes fractured relationships and spiritual atrophy.
C. Neil Strait

Major Ministry on Modest Means
The trouble with any church is not lack of money; it is lack of ingenuity, creativity, and courage.
James Stobaugh

The Spiritual Side of Mammon
Preaching about money is one of the most spiritual things you can do.
Wayne Pohl

Who Spends the Church's Money?
In terms of spending, each church must find middle ground on the control the board exerts and the freedom ministries have.
Richard Bergstrom

Overriding the Pocketbook Veto
Take your congregation seriously, listen carefully, and try to explain your vision.
Arthur E. Gay, Jr.

The Money-wise Pastor
Many pastors don?t like to think of themselves as fundraisers, but the function goes with the position.
Gary Fenton

Borrowing Trouble?
Consider the wisdom of borrowing funds for the church.
Bruce Howard

How Do You Handle a Budget Crunch?
Three pastors share their perspectives.
Ken Fong, Daniel Bohlman, and Cheryl Sanders

$ 7.99

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