Assessment Pack: Getting the Most Out of Your Facilities



$ 9.99
Churches who use space effectively can accommodate their meeting, classroom, and worship needs. They know how to make their building big when they need it big, and small when it should be small. Use this assessment to help determine how efficiently your church is using its space.

Table of Contents:

Maximize Available Space
How creative are we in making the best use of what we have?
Rick Bettilyon

An Inviting Facility
Make your building one that people want to come back to again and again.
Leith Anderson

Safe and Secure
People and procedures properly aligned can enhance the safety of your church.
Richard Hammar

Use by Outside Groups: Developing a Policy
Use these principles to guide your facility use policy.
John Throop

Use by Outside Groups: Legal Issues
Tax and liability issues come to the forefront when sharing your facilities.
Richard Hammar

Maintaining Efficiency
Keep utility bills low and the attractiveness of your building high.
Thomas G. Dolan

Traditional or Contemporary?
The tried and true can often clash with 21st century expectations.
Thomas G. Dolan

Kid-Friendly Facilities
Are you considering children as you plan for your building use and design?
Thomas G. Dolan
$ 9.99

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