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Winston Churchill said, "We shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us." The implications of that statement for our worship and Christian education are many. Use this training download to help clarify your thoughts and streamline the process of building or renovating a church facility.

Table of Contents:

Starting Out Right
How to prepare for a successful building venture.
Dan Ehrman

Do We Really Need to Build?
Carefully assess your church's needs and motives before diving into a building project.
Thomas G. Dolan

Building On Your Beliefs
The best church facilities connect the congregation's identity and ministry focus.
Thomas G. Dolan

Shared Vision, Best Value
To get the most for your money, build with both ministry and stewardship in mind.
John Throop

The Sociology of Church Construction
Society is moving in fascinating new directions: will your new building plans adjust?
Lee A. Dean

Building Blocks
Select the right planners and stewards to head off trouble before it starts.
David Wilkinson

Methods of Construction
Select the building style that best meets the need of your church?s project.
Thomas G. Dolan

After the Project Starts
The work of a church building committee doesn't end when the crew arrives.
David Wilkinson

How to Be a Good Client
Steps you can take for successful relationships with those who will build your church.
Dennis Ehrman and Dan Ehrman

$ 14.99

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