Facing Theological Division



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Theological division is one of the greatest threats to church health. Leaders need to know how and when to stand for the non-negotiables of the faith, as well as when to discern a battle that appears theological, but is actually based in other issues. Taking a case-study approach to leaders and their experiences, this tool can equip you to face theological division with integrity, grace, and hope. Due to the current climate, much of the content directly addresseshomosexuality, and many of the cases come from the Episcopal Church.

Table of Contents:

Why I Walked
Facing developments he could not support, this theologian took a strong step in protest.
J.I. Packer

Navigational Errors
A thriving church sank, not because it hit an iceberg, but because of six leadership mistakes afterward.`
Name Withheld

Taking Theological Risks
How and why to separate institutional concerns from theological requirements
Terry Muck

Finding Hope Amidst Decline
Evangelical leaders in liberal settings are building bridges and looking to the future.
Tyler Charles

Waging Peace
How two Episcopalians--one conservative, one liberal--have learned to embrace reconciliation.
Douglas LeBlanc

Unlikely Friendships for Jerry Falwell
What can church leaders learn from the way he built relationships with his "enemies"?
interview by Edward Gilbreath

$ 7.99

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