Building & Remodeling



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Is your church going to build or remodel? These handouts walk your decision-makers through the planning that must go into the important project. You'll find assessments to help you know when and when not to build?and much more.

Table of Contents:

Plan Before You Decide
The first priority of a project is thorough planning.
with Dale Ingersoll

When to Build
Certain factors may make new construction cheaper than renovating.
Bob Welch

When Not to Build
Three tests to determine whether your church is ready for construction.
Ray Bowman with Eddy Hall

More Space for Less Money
Multipurpose remodeling can save a church millions.
Eddy Hall

Welcoming Seniors
Planning for the future means planning for the aged.
John Stahlman

Architecture for the Next Generation
Style your structure for 21st-century people.
Leonard Sweet

Your First Financial Steps
Because part of your planning must consider money.
John R. Throop

Staying Focused During a Building Campaign
For people too busy for small groups, meet in cyberspace.
Marilyn A. Yocum

Teaching Old Buildings New Tricks
Discover more space in the space you already have.
Eddy Hall

$ 14.99

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