Assessment Pack: Turning Visitors into Attenders



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All churches need to turn visitors into attenders. Use these assessments to measure how you are doing at that task and to identify where you could improve. First, focus on the community of your church?whether it is open and inviting. Then, take aim at the atmosphere you create?make sure you're doing all you can to welcome newcomers and connect them into the life of your church. These articles will help you understand some key aspects to retaining members.

This resource offers 9 assessments that will help your church identify that barriers that keep people from coming back and offer solutions to address these challenges so your church becomes a place where more visitors become attenders.

Table of Contents:

Closing the Back Door
How does your church rate on the vital ratios that church growth experts identify?
Win and Charles Arn

Visitors Who Stick
Best practices on how to make people stick to your church.
Dave Wilkinson

Connecting Your Congregation
One pastor's best practices for reaching and retaining newcomers.
William Richard Ezell

Ready to Grow
Is your church a place visitors feel comfortable?
Leith Anderson

Conditions for Acceptance
Six characteristics of a church that retains its members.
Donald Gerig

An Attractive Atmosphere
How well does your church welcome, identify, and integrate newcomers?
Calvin Ratz

A Warm Reception
Does your church offer visitors a warm, genuine welcome?
Gene Appel, James Appleby, Merle Mees, Wayne Ogimachi, and Jim Tomberlin

Worship That Draws People
Does your church create services with structures and attitudes that keep people coming back?
Don Cousins

The Magnetic Sunday School
Do your church's classes have the characteristics that draw people to them?
Don Michael McDonald

$ 9.99

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