Attracting and Impacting Visitors



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Every church hopes to have a greater impact on the people around it. Every congregation wants to see new faces and changed hearts. But it can be hard to know how to draw people in and help them want to stay.

These articles can help your church think through the best ways to give invitations, make newcomers welcome, and encourage them to put down roots.

Table of Contents:

Prepare for Outreach
Adopt a structure and practices that put outsiders at ease.
by Doug Murren and Mike Meeks

Reaching Beyond Church Walls
Changes in our culture mean we're all missionaries now.
by Tom Clegg and Warren Bird

Who Can We Reach?
Match your church strengths with the needs of visitors.
by Wayne Schmidt

Finding Visitor Prospects
Use both personal and public invitations to draw newcomers.
by Charles Arn

Visitor Follow-up
Getting new people through the door is just the beginning.
by Charles Arn

The First Sunday in Your Church (free sample)
Make sure visitors feel welcomed.
by Jennifer Smith-Morris

Sensitivity to the Unchurched
An engaging and warm atmosphere disarms those unfamiliar with church culture.
by Don Cousins

Eight Obstacles to Assimilation
Watch that these subtle barriers don't keep newcomers away.
by Calvin Ratz

$ 14.99

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