Assimilating Visitors into Your Church



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A challenge of any church is not just to bring visitors in, but to figure out ways to reach them in your services, connect them to people, and integrate them into the life of your church. These handouts help equip anyone engaged in ministry to incorporate newcomers and show them that they're a valued part of your congregation.

Table of Contents:

Turning Visitors into Members
Assimilating visitors into your church starts with creating the right atmosphere.
Doug Murren and Mike Meeks

Closing the Back Door
Using the right evangelism methods can help reduce your church's dropout rate.
Win and Charles Arn

Helping New Christians Grow Up
Once people become believers, the church has the responsibility to help them mature.
Dean Merrill and E. Stanley Ott

Ratios for Relationship
Assimilation is enhanced when a new person can find friends and things to do.
Win and Charles Arn

Open the Closed Circle
Advice to help overcome the difficulty of integrating newcomers into your church.
Lyle Schaller

New Members Boot Camp
Intensive course turns out members who are in shape to join their new church.
Frank A. Thomas

From Visitor to Leader
Advice for discerning when a newcomer is qualified for leadership in your church.
Everett L. Wilson

Growing Faith, Growing Numbers
Adult education courses can be a powerful tool for fellowship and assimilation.
Don Michael McDonald

Tools for a Community in Transition
Ministry in a transient society offers challenges and opportunities.
Stephen W. Sorenson

Assimilating New Neighbors
How a church can stay alive in the midst of a transitioning community.
David Trumble

$ 14.99

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