Assessment Pack: A Welcoming Church



$ 9.99
Equip your church leaders with these seven handouts that will help them see how well they welcome and nurture newcomers.

Table of Contents:

From Friendly to Connecting
Overcoming 9 barriers to adopting visitors.
Calvin Ratz

Ready or Not?
3 questions to evaluate a church's readiness to reach out.
Douglas J. Brouwer

From Comfort to Commitment
Why many members find growth difficult.
Lyle E. Schaller

Welcome Check-up
How does our congregation measure up?
Stephen C. Butler

7 Ways to Rate Your Church
Values that measure your spiritual environment.
Leith Anderson

Religion-less Spirituality
Reaching people who think church is the problem, not the answer.
Tim Keller

The 4 Spheres of Outreach
We don't have to go far to find people who need Christ.
from Mastering Outreach and Evangelism

$ 9.99

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