Meaningful Membership



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Church membership is so much more than just a piece of paper or a name on a list. It clearly defines a community and offers people a clear choice to accept the blessings and responsibilities that go along with it. But even more significantly, church membership is a way for individual Christians to draw closer to God by drawing closer to his church and his people. An effective membership process should be a time of spiritual growth for the member-to-be, and yet so many churches neglect this crucial step into church life.

This 18-page resource will help you create a membership process that draws people deeper into their commitment not just to the church but to Christ.

Table of Contents:

Taking Membership Seriously
It's time to raise the bar.
interview with Ken Sande

Dealing with the Revolving Back Door
Learn all you can from those who leave.
Adam Hamilton

What the Bible Says About Church Membership
The church is not a country club.
Thom Rainer

The Importance of Joining a Church
The church isn't perfect, but Jesus loves her anyway. So should we.
Ben Patterson

How to Develop a Meaningful Membership Process (free sample)
Help people deepen their commitment to the church and to God.
Trevor McMaken

A Royal Welcome
Welcome new members into the family with a celebration.
Charles Yarborough

Matching Passions with Ministry
Use the membership process to plug people into meaningful ministry.
Pam Heaton

$ 14.99

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