Ministry to 20-Somethings



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Many surveys show an alarming dropout rate today for young adults in the church. What can the church do to reach this demographic, churched or unchurched?

This packet of articles offers a variety of helpful insights on the ways that 20-somethings think as well as how a church can be more effective in ministering to them.

Table of Contents:

Storming the Castle (free sample)
Reaching iGens means breaking through inflated self-esteems.
Scot McKnight

What Disillusioned 20-Somethings Want
A young, former church staffer is tired of church as we know it.
Sarah Cunningham

The Next Next Generation
Born after 1980, the Millennials are optimistic and community-oriented.
Jim Schmotzer

Lessons from a Lazy Barista
If people are not following you, look at how you're leading.
Trevor Lee

Bringing Millennials into Leadership
How to shape ministry models that fit for them.
Jim Schmotzer

Connector Churches
These nine traits characterize churches that reach young adults.
Ed Stetzer

Pastors Who Reach Young People
It's not enough to delegate; pastors must connect with young people personally.
Thom and Sam Rainer

Stop the Bleeding
Young people are leaving the church en masse. How can we reverse this trend?
interview with Thom and Sam Rainer

Four Myths about Reaching Young Adults
Engaging the next generation means throwing out everything you've learned, right? Not so fast.
James Emery White

$ 14.99

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