Making Members Stick



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It's one thing to bring new people into your church. But what does it matter if they slip right out the back door?

This 19-page resource explains why many church attenders never commit or drop out over time. The solution isn't to compromise and drop to the lowest common denominator. Rather, you must make your church a healthy place where believers thrive. Use these articles to help you.

Table of Contents:

The Importance of Being Sticky
It doesn't matter how wide the front door of your church is, if the back door is wide open.
by Larry Osborne

Natural Practices of Sticky Churches
Higher retention enables more natural and effective forms of ministry.
by Larry Osborne

Reasons People Stay (free sample)
People will only stick with a church when they identify with its mission.
by Sam S. Rainer III

The 7 Laws of Member Retention
Follow these rules to ensure members are firmly rooted in church life.
by Allen Ratta

Guidelines for Retention
Abide by these principles to firmly close your church's back door.
by Thom Rainer

Getting People Involved
Focus your church on developing people spiritually in order to get them more involved.
interview with Reggie McNeal

Plug Newcomers In ... Quick!
Three church leaders share their approaches to engaging new members.
by Erwin McManus, Ken Fong, and Cheryl Sanders

Assimilating Newcomers
Eight strategies for ensuring that visitors connect with your congregation.
by Dave Wilkinson

4 Keys to Keeping Young Adults
New research shows several important factors for retaining young adults.
by Sam S. Rainer III

$ 14.99

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