Connecting Newcomers



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One of the most important activities of the church is to draw in people from the outside?whether believers or those who may have never been involved in the church before. This resource helps evaluate how welcoming your church is and gives you tools to improve. Helpful topics include: how to foster hospitality on Sunday mornings among regular worship attenders; how to make sure people are not overlooked; and how to encourage members to cultivate commitment.

This 22-page resource offers biblical reflection, wisdom from experienced pastors, and practical tips on how to connect newcomers into the life of your church.

Table of Contents:

Who Is Our Target?
3 questions to match our church strengths.
Wayne Schmidt

Welcome Check-up
How does our congregation measure up?
Stephen C. Butler

Can This Class Become More Welcoming?
From stagnation to vitality.
Don Michael McDonald

The Fringe Ministry Leader
Will responsibility deepen commitment?
Richard Doebler

Willing to Commit
How to tap into the needs of newcomers.
with Reggie McNeal

Points of Entry
How many doors does our church have?
Lyle Schaller

Overcoming Resistance to Growth
When one member stonewalls growth and outreach, what is a church to do?
John Throop

From Outsiders to Insiders
The basis is our common bond in Christ.
Steven D. Mathewson

No Charter for Comfort
Jesus commissioned the church to shake up the world.
James D. Berkley

From Visitors to Attenders
Four ways to increase repeat visits.
Charles Arn

A Welcoming Place
Focus on these areas to ensure newcomers feel welcome.
Rich Nathan

Filling the Cracks
How to make a personal connection with newcomers.
Dave Wilkinson

Answer the Questions
Help newcomers answer yes to these six questions.
Charles Arn

Restored for Service
How to coach wounded people back into service.
Daniel Brown and Bob Moeller

What goes through your mind and heart when people stop coming?
Dave Slagle

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