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Discipline can either be formative or corrective. For example, training for a sporting event requires formative discipline; punishing a misbehaving child requires corrective discipline. We know that God's motive in disciplining us is his love for us. If he let us continue to commit the same sin with impunity, he would not love us enough to teach us the importance of avoiding sin. Use these tools to train your church leaders how to discipline the church with love and for growth. This download features a new format that includes audio clips within the document, and a newly redesigned accompanying PowerPoint.

Table of Contents:

Facing Conflict with a Difference
The church doesn't take its cues from the world when sin comes into the body.
Ken Sande

Discipline for Discipleship
God communicates his love to us by shaping us into his image--even when we rebel.
Mark Dever

Prepared for Church Discipline
Make sure your church is healthy enough to be edified by confronting sin as a body.
Donald Bubna, Keith Walker, Jim Van Yperen

Does Your Church Teach Discipline Well?
Consider how your church exemplifies and supports healthy discipline.
John H. Fish III

Making Church Discipline Legal
Does your church have the legal protection to confront someone about his or her sin?
Ken Sande

Trapped in Sin
Educate your congregation about God's goal of restoration through discipline.
David V. Edling

Disciplining a Pillar of the Church
Discipline is not always successful, but it is still right.
Name Withheld

A New Attitude Toward Discipline
It isn't a necessary evil; it?s a blessing from God.
interview with Ken Sande

The Laws of Confrontation
Regardless of the offense, use these principles in your discipline process.
Lehman Hotchkiss

Sued Because of Church Discipline
Follow this advice and avoid the pitfalls of discussing sin openly in a culture of lawsuits.
Richard Hammar

The Discipline Process
The words of Jesus give us clear directions on the procedure of church discipline.
Donald Bubna

How To Make Restoration Work
Have a plan for bringing a sister or brother back into your fellowship.
Mark Lauterbach

Divine Family Discipline
The church is God's family--a place of joy, fellowship, love, and discipline.
David Neff

Disciplining a Leader (free sample)
It's hard to confront a leader caught in sin, but the Bible shows how to do it.
Kent Hughes

$ 14.99

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