Corporate Spiritual Disciplines



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Spiritual practices are often thought to be so private and individual that they don?t have anything to do with the church gathered, says Mindy Caliguire in our interview with her. "But we can intentionally show up for God in interpersonal or large-group settings as well. And a church can do a great deal to equip people for the disciplines."

This 19-page resource can help you think about where your church is already practicing disciplines corporately, and where you could grow, from things as intangible as an attitude of simplicity to ideas as concrete as a 24-hour prayer vigil.

Table of Contents:

Out of Isolation
We encounter the living God in a powerful way while in the community of the temple.

Showing Up For God--Together
Help your congregation add a corporate dimension to its individual spiritual disciplines.
Interview with Mindy Caliguire

Follow the Leaders
Pastors and staff best teach about corporate disciplines by modeling them effectively.
Brian Hawes

Keeping Our Balance in Worship
Bringing people into the presence of God requires the right mix of form and freedom.
Paul Anderson

Fan the Flames of Service
How well does your congregation realize and practice the discipline of service?
Charles Roesel

The Upside-Down All-Church Picnic
Getting individuals to fast is a tough sell. How well would it work for an entire church?
Clyde McDowell

We Have Enough
Embracing the discipline of simplicity helps a church avoid the "cult of the next thing."
Mark Buchanan

A Mighty Prayer Partnership
Where two or three--or more--are gathered, prayer increases its potency.
Dee Duke

Answering the Objections
Teaching your people about spiritual disciplines often starts with dispelling myths.
Paul Anderson

Ways to Pray Together
Use these specific ways to encourage your people to pray as a body of believers.
Terry Muck

Communal Disciplines and the Web
Nurture fasting and other disciplines with technology.
Lynne M. Baab

Praying All Day Long
An organized 24-hour congregational prayer vigil is easy to do and powerful in result.
Ralph F. Wilson
$ 14.99

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