Counseling Policies and Practices



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These 16 forms will help your church build policies and practices for a strong counseling ministry. Also included here are tools for counselors to use as they track symptoms and progress in those they care for.

Table of Contents:

Counseling Ministries in Churches: Basic Guidelines
What your church needs to look into as it sets up a counseling ministry.
John R. Throop

Counseling Agreement

Adult Intake Form

Child/Adolescent Intake Information

Parent/Guardian Consent

Frequently Asked Questions

Counseling Ministry Information

Counseling Practice Standards for Staff

Counseling Risk Assessment

Counseling Administrative Policies

Symptoms Checklist

Conduct for Pastoral Counseling

Information on Counseling Groups

Website Front Page

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Counseling Conduct with Youth

Counseling Myths

$ 14.99

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