Developing Leadership Gifts Assessment Pack



$ 9.99
Do you have the gift of leadership? These assessments help your team discover their spiritual gifts, find their style of leadership, and maximize leadership potential. Each assessment conveniently fits on one page, so they're easy to print, copy, and hand out.

Table of Contents:

Maturing in Your Spiritual Gifts
Are you growing in the gifts that God has given you?
Bryan Carraway

Finding Your Gifts
God equips the members of his body to build up the church. How has he equipped you?
Shannon Kubiak Primicerio

Cultivating the Gift of Discernment
Assess how well you're developing this important gift that many leaders have.
Bill Hybels

A Spiritual Audit for Leaders
A tool to help you see what you're doing well, and where you can still grow.
Fred Smith

Finding Your Leadership Style
Even for people with the gift of leadership, there are many ways to lead. What's yours?
Bill Hybels

Does He (or She) Have the Gift of Leadership?
Potential leaders can manifest their gifts in many observable characteristics.
Fred Smith

Reaching Your Potential
Where do you have room to develop your leadership gifts?
Wayne Cordeiro

Using Your Gift Well
Are you using the gift of leadership as leaders in the Bible did?
Amy Simpson

$ 9.99

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