Finding and Encouraging Young Leaders



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The natural leader will stand out, says Fred Smith. "The trick is identifying those who are capable of learning leadership over time."

This 43-page resource can help you in the challenging task of grooming a new line of leaders in your church. Learn what traits to look for in candidates, what challenges a young leader faces, and how to help him or her along the way.

Table of Contents:

Locally Grown Leadership
Discover the benefits of cultivating new leaders from within.
Chad Hall

Spying New Leaders
How to find the leaders you need.
Angela Yee

Spotting a New Leader
Understand the traits that can identify an effective leader.
Fred Smith

I'm the Leader, Now What?
Pass these insights along to new leaders in your church.
Leith Anderson

Developing Future Leaders
Seven principles for training the next generation of church leaders.
Scott Thomas

Challenges For Young Leaders
Understanding the obstacles confronting young leaders.
interview with Steve Rabey

New Leaders, Unmarked Paths
A night in the desert illuminates what younger leaders crave.
Alex McManus

Getting Older and Wiser
Young pastors and experienced pastors each face their own challenges.
R. Kent Hughes

$ 7.99

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