Developing Your Volunteers Assessment Pack



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Guilt is the most powerful motivator in the church, says Leith Anderson in the resource below. "It's quick and effective. But it also carries a high price tag: resentment."
Appealing to guilt is just one of many ways in which church leaders go amiss when trying to motivate and equip volunteers. The assessments below can help you and other leaders in your congregation evaluate the ways in which you lead and develop volunteers.
What are you already doing well? What are you forgetting to do? Download this pack of assessments to find out.

Table of Contents:

Using Appropriate Motivation
4 ways to motivate your volunteers.
by Leith Anderson

Don't Call Me 'Leader'
You can encourage reluctant people to grow into (shh!) leadership.
by Carol Cartmill

Communicate to Motivate
Create an environment that inspires your volunteers by saying and doing the right things.
by Fred Smith Sr.

9 Ways to Motivate Volunteers
It's the little things that matter.
by Greg Asimakoupoulos

Training Plan for Volunteers
Develop a team of willing helpers.
by Shirley J. Good

Paying Your Volunteers
Offer volunteers something more than money.
by Dave Goetz

Not Enough Volunteers?
Vacancies can alert you to a better way of doing ministry.
by Eddy Hall

Equipping the Saints
See if you're helping your volunteers in these six areas.
by Krista Petty

$ 9.99

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