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This issue addresses how leaders can foster leadership among people in the church. Beyond mentorship, this issue focuses on the nature of discipleship and servanthood, both necessary characteristics of the effective church leader. The interview, "Jesus' Game Plan," is a compelling discussion with Sonlife Ministries director, Dann Spader, about Jesus' leadership training plan, and how he worked with the disciples to train them to build his ministry on earth.

Table of Contents:

Jesus' Game Plan
His strategy begins with discipleship.
with Dann Spader

Becoming a Mentoring Leader
10 questions to ask yourself.
Robert Damon

Restocking Your Leadership Pool
It begins with friendship.
Steven Mathewson

Leadership Is Not for Heroes
It's all about the priesthood of all believers.
Roger Barrier

Motivating Leaders to Serve
When the old appeals don't work anymore.
Kennon Callahan

How to Find a Mentor
7 questions to select a wise guide.
Fred Smith

Deepening the Conversation
How leaders can build deeper relationships with each other.
Randy Working

Leadership Greenhouse
A healthy environment to grow new leaders.
Wayne Schmidt

Your Leadership Is Unique
There is no one leader personality.
Peter Drucker

$ 14.99

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