Growing a Green Church Assessment Pack



$ 9.99
Do you want to make sure your church is environmentally responsible? Could a drop in the utility bills give the budget a much-needed lift?

Use these nine assessments to discover how well your congregation is stewarding its resources and caring for creation. You'll find a wide variety of tips for fine-tuning your facility's operations, from using fans to water-heater care to efficient light bulbs.

Table of Contents:

Creation-Flavored Worship
Enrich your service with these approaches.
by Edward R. Brown

Reducing Waste and Emissions/Pollution
Rein in the waste generated by your congregation.
by Nancy Sleeth

Greening Church Grounds
Your landscaping can be beautiful, safe, and efficient.
by Nancy Sleeth

When You're Building
Ways to be green when renovating or expanding.
by Thomas G. Dolan

Energy Audit #1: Lighting Technology
Are you using the best bulbs for each type of space?
by the E.P.A.

Energy Audit #2: Heating, Ventilating, and Cooling
How can you cut costs on climate control?
by the E.P.A.

Energy Audit #3: The Building Shell
How can you improve your facility?
by the E.P.A.

Energy Audit #4: Water Usage
Reduce your water and energy waste.
by the E.P.A.

Energy Audit #5: Sanctuary Space
How can your worship space's energy use be minimized?
by the E.P.A.

$ 9.99

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