Healthy Small Groups



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Whether your church has a mature small-group ministry or is just starting out, this theme helps you take ministry to the next level. Brett Eastman, pastor of membership at Saddleback Church in Mission Viejo, California, applies Rick Warren's purpose-driven principles to "the smallest form of the church," the small group. Several assessment tools are included to help determine areas of needed growth in your small-group ministry, as well as strengths that can be capitalized on and encouraged.

Table of Contents:

Building a Church from the People Up
Healthy small groups begin with believing in people.
with Brett Eastman

Small Groups that Grow a Church
How open are our groups to newcomers and non-members?
W. Charles Arn

From Committee to Community
5 questions to turn a traditional committee into a mission-focused community.
Roberta Hestenes

Handling Difficult Personalities
It starts with knowing your heart.
Jeffrey Arnold

We're Not Growing Anymore
What do you do when a group has lost its purpose?
Gary D. Preston

Wanted: Small Group Leaders
Finding the right people when they're needed-now!
Gary D. Preston

5 Small Group Myths
The conventional wisdom about small groups may not be right.
David A. Womack

Building (or Rebuilding) a Healthy Small Group Ministry
7 important questions to consider.
Jeffrey Arnold

Past, Present and Future
Questions to help people build community.
Jeffrey Arnold

Courageous Confession, Bold Encouragement
Leading a small group in repentance.
Jeffrey Arnold

$ 14.99

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