Help for the Pastor's Spouse



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Expectations on a pastor's spouse come from a variety of sources and can cause feeling of loneliness and resentment. Just Between Us, a magazine for pastor's wives, reports that the number one felt need of wives of pastors is for friendship and community, due to an acute sense of loneliness. As a church member, do you realize how you can help your pastor's spouse? As a pastor's spouse, do you find yourself resenting the church that you are serving? These articles will help pastors, pastor's spouses, and church leaders understand the pressures of ministry families and ways that they can find wholeness and support.

Table of Contents:

Great Expectations
Spouses and families are not immune to the pressure of ministry.
Marshall Shelley

When The Pastor's Spouse Resents the Church
Basic principles to avoid--and solve--resentment.
Louis McBurney

What You Need To Know About the Pastor's Wife
Ministry spouses need health and wholeness--and the church can help.
Wendy Zoba

When You Don't Fit the Mold
How a good marriage helped one pastor's wife find a fit in her role.
Britt T. Staton

Why Pastors Don't Pray with Their Spouses
And what you can do to change that.
Louis McBurney

The Wives' Club
A group of spouses are building friendships through a support group.
Angelie R. Stahlnecker

Facing Criticism Together
Prepare yourself and your spouse for when critics come your way.
David and Carolyn Roper

$ 7.99

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