Improving Small-Group Accountability



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Many small-group members are frightened by the concept of accountability. The word itself can bring to mind images of stern men and women trying to catch others in their sin.

But that kind of accountability is rarely helpful. And it's not needed in small groups. This resource will show you an better way to develop authentic, caring relationships that lead to spiritual maturity and growth.

Table of Contents:

The Goal of Small-Group Accountability
Why vulnerability and confession are key to spiritual growth.
Mike Shepherd

Why We Resist Accountability
Here are four common fears that keep us from what we need.
Louis McBurney

What Makes a Group Safe for Deeper Disclosure
Three principles to keep in mind when you plan on breaking the surface.
Mark Bonham

Accountability and Transformation
Here's how to move from talk to walk in your small group.
Bill Tenney-Brittian

Facing Shame Issues in a Small Group (free sample)
Why some group members don't want to open up, and how to help.
Mark Bonham

Discipleship Triads
The benefits of multiplying disciples three at a time.
Eddy Hall

Gender and Small-Group Accountability
How accountability works in men's, women's, and mixed groups.
Rick Lowry

Addressing Pornography
Practical tips for helping those who are trapped in a deadly snare.
Craig Gross

Accountability for Group Leaders
Three questions to help ensure that groups are functioning properly.
Tom Bandy

$ 14.99

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