Injecting New Life Into Your Congregation



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Are you discouraged and frustrated because your church is stagnant, or even shrinking? Do your church's challenges seem greater than the opportunities?

If you're in a small church or a small community, download these nine articles from Leadership journal to give you new confidence. You'll learn how to motivate your congregation, recognize and respond to problems that may be holding your church back, and you'll receive other tips for moving your vision forward.

Table of Contents:

Growing in a No-Growth Town
Realistic help for churches facing seemingly impossible odds.
Charles Yarborough

Overcoming Our Inferiority Complex
How one congregation found new confidence.
Peter Youmans

Myths About Church Growth
Busting common misconceptions about expansion and change.
Lyle E. Schaller

Helping a Settled Congregation Move Ahead
Seven steps to the future.
John Beukema

The Team Approach to Church Vision
Finding your church?s calling with the people you already have.
Paul R. Ford

Questions to Build a Healthy Church
These diagnostic tools will boost your church?s vitality.
Roger Jenks

Winning Through Resistance
When your vision meets obstruction, which way do you go?
Wayne Schmidt

Growing the Old-Fashioned Way
Ignoring youth-fixated culture, this church found its future in seniors.
Kevin Powell

How the Family Church Grows
Honest talk about leading change in the smaller congregation.
A Leadership Forum

$ 9.99

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