Leadership Transitions



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Change can be a time of excitement and revitalization for a church. To make the leadership transitions in your church smooth and positive, use these handouts when a staff member leaves and a new leader comes to your congregation. Prepare now so that future transitions will benefit, not harm, your church. An interview with church experts Dennis Baker and Wayne Key presents transition as an opportunity for growth. Other handouts discuss how to form search committees, how to leave gracefully, and how to transfer information to a new leader.

Table of Contents:

Transition as an Opportunity for Growth
Learning about your church is the first step to planning the future.
with Dennis Baker and Wayne Key

When It's Time for a Change
Help for churches and pastors making a difficult decision.
Gordon MacDonald

Plan for a Crisis
Are you prepared for the sudden death or departure of your pastor?
Carolyn Weese and J. Russell Crabtree

Restoring Confidence
How can you renew trust and joy after a painful transition?
Douglas Klein

Rescuing the Search Party
5 strategies for successful, courteous search committees.
Mark Lauterbach

A Graceful Goodbye
A four-point formula for ending well.
Steve Moore

Transferring Information to a New Leader
Ensure the next pastor has the knowledge to start well.Plus, a checklist for the new pastor.
Carolyn Weese and J. Russell Crabtree

Aligning Preference with Practice
Being completely honest with ourselves can change how we plan.
Drew Zahn

$ 14.99

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