Managing Change



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How does your church know when to resist change and when to embrace it? This theme shows how the apostle Paul changed his methods according to context while keeping the gospel message pure. This theme also includes a church checkup to help your church evaluate its need to change, and articles that explore the resources necessary for change.

Table of Contents:

Change the Method, Not the Message
Paul's model for adaptability in evangelism.
Jock E. Ficken

Time to Change
Positive improvement involves taking cues from people who are changing.
with Leith Anderson

Do We Need to Change?
A 6-point church check-up.
Aubrey Malphurs

The Angst of Change
Reasons why congregations resist numerical growth.
Lyle E. Schaller

Are We Ready for Change?
Understanding our strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
Aubrey Malphurs

New People, Same Church
Our community was changing, and so was our church.
Steve Mathewson

Change Involves Conflict
Leaders must sometimes battle for the sake of God's plan.
Leighton Ford

Enlarging the Family Church
7 principles to guide change in the small congregation.
Kathy Callahan-Howell, Gary Farley, Martin Giese

Is This the Right Change?
5 ways to determine if new is really improved.
Gordon MacDonald

The Cost and Payoff of Growth
6 ways to increase member satisfaction in a time change.
Lyle E. Schaller

Whose Cheese Is It, Anyway?
Identifying behaviors and adapting to change.
Eric Reed

$ 14.99

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