Maximizing Church Membership Assessment Pack



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Is your church maximizing membership? This tool will help your church assess: The health of your congregation; the education for your members; the protection of your church; and the outreach to your members. Each assessment conveniently fits on one page, so they're easy to print, copy, and hand out.

Table of Contents:

A Fellowship to Fall in Love With
Membership can thrive at a church that holds the right commitments.
Joshua Harris

Teaching Authentic Church Membership
It's time to raise the bar and ask for a serious commitment from your members.
Ken Sande

Why Do People Leave?
Integrate newcomers into the family so that they grow as faithful practitioners of God's message of hope and love.
Charles Arn

Are You Asking Enough of Your Members?
Challenge your members to love God and each other as the Bible commands.
Jan G. Linn

What Every Christian Should Know
Christians need to know about their faith, and the church gets to teach them.
Jo Lewis and Gordon Palmer

A New Members' Boot Camp
Key components of a class that will educate and incorporate members into your church.
Frank A. Thomas

Church Membership Matters--Legally
If your church is ever involved in a dispute, your membership role is of vital importance.
James Cobble and Richard Hammar

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Look out for the behaviors that precede a member's leaving the church.
John Savage

The Causes of Inactivity
Know what to look for in your members' lives and reach out to them in their pain.
John Savage

$ 9.99

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