Membership in the Congregation



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The process of church membership can be a burden to sustain--classes, forms, information to update, and so forth. We've compiled a series of sample documents to ease the administrative load. Included are forms for explaining the process to prospective members, processing new candidates, and planning the membership class and worship service ceremony. Adapt these to fit your congregation!

Table of Contents:

Membership in the Congregation
by John Throop

Membership Information: Website or Brochure

Pathways to Membership: Sample Text for Brochure

Pastor's Letter to Prospective Members

Prospective Member Class Lesson Plan

Adult Membership Application Form

Adult Membership Application and Testimony Form

Membership Information Inventory

Interview Questions for Prospective Members

Letter of Membership Transfer

Information Form for Church Newsletter

Worship Service Section: Membership Covenant

Worship Service Section: Liturgical Affirmation of Faith

$ 14.99

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