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Strong leadership is not enough to create healthy ministries: handing over the mantle to new leaders must also be a part of ministry development. Leaders must create a system to reproduce and train other leaders to perpetuate the ministry. This theme teaches leaders how to pass along what they have learned to others. It also helps young leaders know how to find a mentor. Several articles are by the late Fred Smith, a successful businessman and experienced mentor.

Table of Contents:

Mentoring That Matters
Reviving an ancient teaching method that adds life to ministry.
with Fred Smith

The Ten Commandments of Mentoring (free sample)
Creating relationships that help people grow.
Paul Stanley & J. Robert Clinton

Our Church's Support System
How well are we providing the 5 essentials for mentoring?
Wayne Schmidt

Not Sure You're Ready to Mentor?
Helpful questions for the reluctant.
Timothy Jones

Too Close for Comfort
How do you handle someone who monopolizes a mentor's time?
Lee Eclov

Mentor, Pastor, Supervisor or Friend?
Could a jumble of roles be sorted out?
Lee Eclov

Paul & Timothy
How a tough old apostle saved a timid young man from mediocrity.
J. Oswald Sanders

Flesh-and-Blood Companions
For spiritual growth, there's no substitute for honest relationships.
Timothy Jones

Closeness with a Few
Our Lord was not afraid to have favorites.
Em Griffin

How to Get the Most from Your Mentor
5 actions that make you ready to learn.
Fred Smith

Finding the Right Person to Disciple
Time-tested steps.
Becky Brodin

Spiritual Friendship
Exercises to develop your readiness for relationship.
Timothy Jones

$ 14.99

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